We Are In This Together!

We welcome the prayers of the righteous, the efforts of willing labourers, and any other support one sent by God is guided to contribute.
If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are a part of this work. Let’s work together to become the ONE people united in the truth, that Jesus prayed to the Father that we would be. This is the desire of Jesus and we are working hard to be used by God to play our part in helping to make it happen.

Mobilizing Collectively for a Greater Cause

Have you found the book Every Commandment of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible helpful to your life in Christ? Want to help others learn the commandments of Jesus Christ also in a simple non-invasive way?

Join your brothers and sisters in Christ around the world as we visit the “Little Free Library” locations in our communities and donate the book Every Commandment of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible.

How does it work?
Purchase an extra copy of the book. Then, find the “Little Free Library” nearest to you by using the link below:


Visit the library and drop it in.
(If God leads you to, we encourage writing a little note to the reader explaining why the book is important to you and inviting them to contact you if they desire to learn more about Jesus.
This could be a great opportunity to help disciple one of your fellow community members.)


While this alone is not the entirety of the Great Commission that Jesus gave His followers, it is certainly a step in the right direction to helping teach all things that Jesus has commanded unto all nations.

Enjoy the gift of giving the Commandments of Jesus Christ to a neighbor.

If God sent you to contribute financially, you are welcome to do so below or reach out to us by email at Info@UnitedInJesusChrist.org to coordinate your contribution.
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