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Every Commandment of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible (Ebook)


This very important resource for all followers of Jesus Christ is also available as an ebook!
The ebook makes the book Every Commandment of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible immediately available for you on your; smartphone, tablet, or computer. Saving the ebook to your smartphone is an excellent way to keep the Commandments of Jesus Christ readily available and always with you.

If you want to start learning the Commandments of Jesus Christ today, order this ebook and you can have Every Commandment of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible on your personal device in minutes.

The ebook is an excellent companion to the audiobook and a physical copy of the book.

If you enjoy ebooks, travel often, or use your mobile phone, tablet, or computer often then the ebook might be a great option for you!

Jesus said,

If you love me, keep my commandments.” – John 14:15

Did you know the Bible records Jesus Christ speaking well over 300 unique Commandments?

This book is a complete compilation of all the commandments of Jesus documented and organized in a clear and easy to read format, designed to help you effectively learn all of His commands.

The narrow focus can help you to understand Jesus, His plan for His people, and what His expectation is of you in a deeper and more personal way than ever before.

You will likely come back to this book again and again, and if you do as Jesus commanded, the life you live will Forever be changed for the Good.

Busy life? Follow 1 of the 3 convenient guided reading schedules on the back cover to help you learn every one of Jesus’s commands in 7, 14, or 21 days with as little as 20 minutes of reading time each day.

Whether you’re just curious about Jesus or you are a seasoned member of the clergy, this book is sure to be a valuable asset to your spiritual growth.

Great for private study, or together with your spouse, friends, or group.

You’ll equip yourself to walk in the fullness of the Teachings of Jesus Christ because with this book you will know all of His Commandments.

Order Now to take the first step towards living the commandments of Jesus, learning Every Commandment of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible.

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