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Every Commandment of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible (Hardcover)


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Jesus said,

“If you love me, keep my commandments.” – John 14:15

Did you know the Bible records Jesus Christ speaking at least 491 unique Commandments?

The New Testament reveals a multitude of Christ’s teachings. This compilation of all the commandments of Jesus Christ has been created through extensive research and collaboration of His followers without bias or denominational influence or interest.

The layout is simple.

The narrow focus helps you understand.

Are you ready to learn them all in less time than you imagine?

You will likely come back to this book again and again. If you do as Jesus commanded, the life you live will Forever be changed for the Good.

As you read, the value of both types of commandments will become clear.

Practical: You can do these now to change your life.

Situational: Understand how Jesus handled tough situations.

Taking a moment to review each day can help you to understand Him, His plan for His people, and what His expectation is of you in a deeper and more personal way than ever before.

This is the Tool and Pathway for Unity among Jesus’s Followers.

The information contained within is the primary resource of United In Jesus Christ, the Global Movement of Uniting followers of Jesus through the Truth of Jesus’s Commandments worldwide.

This book explores the Common Ground of the Commandments of Jesus Christ that all

followers of Him can agree upon.

You’ll equip yourself to walk in the fullness of the Teachings of Jesus Christ because with this book you will know all of His Commandments.

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