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What Would Jesus Do?

Did you know that this phrase many of us know from the bracelets popularized in the 1900s actually originated from a book in the 1800s?
The book was called “In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?”

This physical reminder in everyday life that leads one to consider what Jesus would do was likely a helpful tool for many followers of Jesus Christ in times past.
Though the trend to wear such bracelets has long passed, are we as the Body of Christ still regularly considering what Jesus would do throughout our daily lives?

Are we practicing what Jesus would do?

Or have we lost this mindset to be intentional about living like Jesus?
Doing what Jesus would do and otherwise living the Words of Jesus Christ is the essential component to His people becoming ONE.

If all of Jesus’s people would live His very Words throughout our every day, there would not be any mistake concerning who His people are and who His people are not. We are known by what we do.

As Jesus Himself declared:
“For every tree is known by his own fruit.”
-Luke 6:44

The lost and unbelieving world around us needs Jesus, and they can find Him when they find the people who are doing what He would do.

Jesus lived a high calling, a life very much set apart, and He calls His followers to do the same.

What would Jesus do?
This motto of believers of times past is still an essential calling for the people of Jesus to live by. When we live like Jesus, we can be sure that we are holding ourselves accountable to what it is to be one of His people. When we live like Jesus, we are likely to attract and be attracted to those who do the same.

After all, what is the point in being a follower of Jesus Christ if we, His people, are not actually living His Words and mirroring His character?

The way and words of Jesus bring Truth and Unity.

Let us, the followers of Jesus Christ of this generation, be a people who hold ourselves and each other accountable to living the teachings of Jesus Christ.

When we learn and live the teachings of Jesus Christ as our vocation/life code, the Body of Christ can and will become what we are called to be.

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